Vaccine Non Consent


The nasal spray vaccine will be offered to senior infants in all primary and special schools for the first time.

This will start when the children’s flu campaign gets under way on Monday, October 9.

Flu vaccinations were not routinely administered for children, and certainly not at schools, prior to the Covid era. Children were not and are not regarded as being at risk from flu which is typically regarded a risk to older and immunocompromised people.

The rationale for offering flu shots to children last year was that frontline health services would be unable to cope with flu infections and covid-19 infections through the Winter. This was despite the fact that children have little risk of getting or spreading flu, according to existing data. An informed decision is required before agreeing to receive any vaccine.

A risk assessment is clearly required before any vaccination programme is administered in or through schools, in our view. If there is no risk assessment or informed consent by a parent or a young person, the school may be liable for subsequent adverse affects.
Informed consent is just as relevant and necessary before receiving Flu injections as for any other vaccination. Only parents can give consent (in writing) before a child receives a Flu vaccine.

We have drafted a Non Consent letter you can adapt and send to your school. You may also wish to lodge an objection with the HSE Immunisation Office ( As a precautionary action you should also consider taking your child out of school on the scheduled vaccination day.

By email or letter:

Re: Nasal Flu Vaccination Programme


I hereby put you on notice in this email/letter that I do not consent to any form of questioning or discussion with my child……..concerning his/her Flu vaccination status. This is a matter of private health information within our family, which is not to be discussed or to be raised at all, except with myself and….. as his/her parents.

Should any question or any issue arise relating to flu vaccinations, I and only I (name both parents if desired) am to be consulted. Any action on the part of the school disregarding this notice breaches the General Data Protection Regulations of 2018, and is a clear overreach by the school and an intrusion into private family matters. I have taken legal advice in this regards and any such overreach is legally actionable as such.

I am further putting you on notice that I am not consenting to a Flu vaccination of my child in the school or in any arrangement through or organised by  the school.

(I am not consenting to vaccination of my 16/17 year old …….on the basis of his/her prior consent, through the agency of the school. I do not accept the he/she is competent to give informed consent to an EUA administered vaccination in or through the agency of the school) (Delete if not relevant)

In the context of the school providing the venue for and or arranging for nasal Flu vaccinations I would request that you clarify as follows:

What kind of nasal Flu vaccine is being administered through the school. Is it Flunz Tetra (FluMist)  or other? 

What is the European Medical Agency authorised use of the vaccine proposed to be administered?.

Which company or entity is involved in the supply of the nasal flu vaccine?

What are the known side effects?

What risk assessment has been carried out prior to school participation in the administration of the nasal Flu vaccines?  

You should note that any assumption by the school of agency to arrange for, enquire about, or facilitate vaccination for my child(ren) renders them liable for any and all adverse outcomes suffered to him/her/them.

Furthermore, I/we  will hold you to be directly liable for any injury suffered by my child(ren) where this notice has been breached or ignored in any way whatsoever.

Yours etc