Opt-out letter

Take Action Now To Record Your Objection To Gender Identity ideology and Pornography Being Taught To Your Child at Primary/Secondary School

Lawyers For Justice Ireland in conjunction with the Natural Women’s Council have drafted a submission below for parents to adapt and send to their child’s school to place their objection on record under the Education Act 1998:

Non-Consent Notification for School Year (ENTER YEAR)

I, (insert name) in exercise of my right as parent and/or legal guardian with primary responsibility for the care and protection of (insert name of child), a minor child(ren), hereby place (insert name of school) on written notice of the following:

In accordance with Section 30(2) (e) of the Education Act 1998 I DO NOT CONSENT to my child’s participation in ANY sexual education curriculum instruction on the following as it is contrary to my conscience:

1.A. Gender identity ideology
C. Transgenderism or gender identity, including, but not limited to, gender as social construct; gender binary; gender spectrum; gender reassignment surgery, gender dysphoria, false gender, pronouns, gender expression, or cross-sex hormones;
D. Pornography
E. Any group, club, entity, or activity that discusses or addresses topics listed above in Sections 1(A) to (E)

In addition, I DO NOT CONSENT to the following: 

  1. Any referral of my child to a counsellor, medical professional, social worker, agency, group, or organisation within or outside the school for purposes of discussing any of the topics listed at Section 1(A) to (E) above

3.Any additional instruction and discussion on any topic listed under Section 1(A) to (E) outside of the sexual education curriculum, including but not limited to: classroom teachers, school staff, third-party providers, YouTube or other videos, films, live streaming, other audio-visual methods, textbooks, workbooks, or handout material. 

I am requesting alternative academic instruction with supervision for my child(ren) during the same period that any instruction on any aspect regarding above topics listed at Section 1 (A) to (E) is presented as part of the sexual education curriculum as these topics conflict with my beliefs.

I hereby request that this notification be placed in my child’s file and be provided to all people offering instruction to my child during the school year. Any instruction contrary to this notice will be the subject of further action, including injunctive relief and damages as necessary, to protect my child’s spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical welfare as is my duty as parent/legal guardian.

Parent and/or Legal Guardian Name: